What to Wear

Coordinate but don't match

     When styling a session, I like to start out with a basic color palate and go from there.  Something like a neutral color and a few colorful brights, or you can try a softer palate that has different tonal ranges of the same shades.  Pick out a few pops of color to coordinate between subjects when working with a softer or neutral palate. 


     Scarves, hats, jewelry, sweaters, jackets, etc. - all of these things can make a characterless photo feel complete.  Don't let the accessories overwhelm the subject or the photographs though.  Choose your accent colors and fill in those outfits with those pops of color in accessories. 


     Shoes matter.  Please don't wear sneakers - unless they are fun and funky, like a Converse that match the whole palate.  The choice of shoes can make or break the outfit.  And sometimes NO shoes look best!  Especially if you'll be sitting in a pose that shows the bottoms of the shoes, that never looks appealing.

Subtle Props

     Items that can enhance and add meaning to the session.  Like a favorite stuffed animal, flowers, a basket, a crate or a few balloons can really make the photograph that much more meaningful.